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The Sablés

An homage to Donsuemor’s heritage, the Sablé (pronounced Sah-blay) is perfection in its most simple form.  A delicate round “sandy” cookie that is crunchy and crumbly in texture yet buttery and rich with flavor.  Donsuemor has recreated this classic French cookie that has been enjoyed for centuries.  We have stayed true to traditional ingredients and craftsmanship capturing the luscious flavors of real Madagascar Vanilla Bean, delicate Olive Oil, rich Dutch Cocoa, velvety semi-sweet Chocolate Chips, Spicy Cinnamon, and artisanal Sea Salt.  

Available in two flavors, the Vanilla Bean is made with real Madagascar vanilla beans, olive oil and sea salt.  The Chocolate Cinnamon is made with dutch cocoa, semi-sweet chocolate chips, cinnamon and sea salt. 2 pieces per pack. Now available in bulk, per case only.