Double Chocolate Petite Cakes are a chocolate lovers dream!

Try our latest creation, the Double Chocolate Petite Cakes.  Do you dream of chocolate cake smothered in a decadent chocolaty coating?  Donsuemor will make your dreams come true! Our latest indulgence is a petite chocolate cake with chocolate chips nestled inside and adorned with a chocolaty coating of goodness! These sweet, petite and unique little chocolate cakes are just the perfect size for snacking without the guilt.  These conveniently packaged cakes are individually wrapped and are a perfect little decadent dream.

Enjoy our Double Chocolate Petite Cakes anytime, anywhere.  Place a few in your purse and in your kid’s lunch box. Your kid will be the envy at the lunch table and you will be the envy at work.  Stop by your Bay Area Costco today and grab a tub of Double Chocolate Petite Cakes for sharing.  Grab two tubs while you’re there! Visit our Facebook page for new product information.

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