Nothing compliments the taste of our Traditional and Lemon Zest Madeleines like lemon and berry for a perfect summertime treat.

Serves: 4Lemon-Madeleine-Blueberry-Parfait-200x300


Four Martini or Wine Glasses
12 Donsuemor Traditional or Lemon Zest Madeleines
1 pint fresh berries (either strawberries (sliced) or blueberries, reserve 4 tablespoons for garnish)
1/3 cup lemon curd
Orange juice
3/4 cup whipping cream

2 tablespoons sugar

Up to three hours before serving:
In a large bowl, mash the lemon curd with 2-3 tablespoons of orange juice. Reserve 2 tsp. of lemon curd mixture for later. Mix in the fresh berries (except garnish). Set aside.
  1. In a clean mixing bowl, whip (3/4 cup) cream until soft peaks form, beat in sugar. Fold Mascarpone with 1 cup of whipped cream to lighten, do not beat.
  2. In each glass, layer whipped cream, stand three Traditional or Lemon Zest Madeleines on end, spoon in berry mixture, layer with whipped cream, repeat with berries, top with whipped cream.
  3. Dollop ½ teaspoon Of the lemon curd mixture on top of the whipped cream per parfait; garnish with reserved berries.
  4. Serve immediately with remaining whipped cream or refrigerate until ready to serve.