About Donsuemor

In 1976, Don and Susie Morris (DON-SUE-MOR) perfected the French madeleine in their kitchen and began delivering them in a VW bus to local businesses in Berkeley, California’s “Gourmet Ghetto.” A creative entrepreneur and a passionate baker crafted a treat unlike any other, the traditional madeleine, a moist and delicate little cake with a fresh, unforgettable taste.

Our Executive Team

Susan Davis

Chief Executive Officer

Susan Davis has been given a gift. With a French mother and a Minnesotan father, and a lifetime of living the two cultures, she now leads an American company that makes French bakery products. Born in St. Benoit la Forêt, a tiny town in France, Susan grew up in East Oakland, California. After her studies, Susan settled in France for several years. She worked as a bilingual administrative assistant and basked in French culture, enjoying “the life.” Her re-acquaintance with her French heritage propelled her to return to UC Berkeley for a B.A. in French Literature, and to this day she remains one of Proust’s loyal devotees.

Soon after, Susan joined Lunette Cartier, the eyeglass division of Cartier, as National Sales Manager. With this position, she combined her bicultural background with her passion for beautiful products. In 1987, Susan joined Donsuemor, learning to handle every aspect of the business. In 1997, Susan was named Chief Executive Officer. “I believe a business should provide the customer with the best product available and provide its employees with the best work environment possible,” Susan says, adding “employees who are valued as individuals will also be more dedicated and produce a product of superior quality and beauty.” Susan currently resides in the Bay Area with her husband and five children, and regularly travels back to France. True to her heritage, she enjoys good food, good wine, and maintains her joie de vivre.

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Jagadeesh “Jag” Dixit

Director of Operations

Jag joined the Donsuemor team in May 2013. Jag brings a wealth of knowledge in the management and operations of manufacturing, food and the baking industry. He held positions as a Senior Industrial Engineer, Plant Superintendent, and Plant Manager at FullBloom Baking Co, and Kerry Ingredients.

Jag has a Bachelors in Industrial & Production Engineering and a Master’s in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University. “I like it here because of the company values, work life balance, and the company’s position in the market. It’s great to work for a company that has such an admiration of our product in the market. In his spare time Jag enjoys running, biking, visiting new places, cooking and spending time with his daughter.

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Martin ‘Marty’ Fahey


Hailing from San Lorenzo California with a degree from San Jose State University, numbers have always made sense to Marty Fahey. His storied career began with a position as an Accounts Receivable Manager at Wonder Bread/Hostess Cake, and he now brings over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry to the Donsuemor team as Director of Finance. Marty has a proven track record of meeting and exceeding his clients’ financial goals while forming long-lasting relationships with them. In his spare time, Marty likes to enjoy the beautiful California outdoors with activities like hiking and barbecuing, as well as spend time with his friends, family, and dogs.

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Lisa Johnson


Lisa first started at Donsuemor as an HR consultant working onsite. They were her favorite client so was pleased to join them full-time as their Director of Human Resources in 2007. In addition to her HR responsibilities, she also manages our Quality Assurance department. She has experience in a wide variety of manufacturing environments and businesses including design & construction, healthcare, travel, insurance, food & beverage, non-profits and private schools.

Lisa earned her BS in Human Environments and Behavior from UC Davis. She holds a lifetime certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the Human Resource Certification Institute and was certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt during her time with General Electric Medical Systems. When she’s not working Lisa loves to be outdoors or underwater. Each year she looks forward to her annual scuba diving trip. It feeds her inner mermaid. She and her husband enjoy hiking in the Sierra and her husband enjoys eating the trout Lisa catches. Why Donsuemor? “People here are passionate about the products we produce and truly care about doing it the right way. It’s a great team.”

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