Makes 12
1 stick unsalted butter
2 Tbsp bourbon
2 Tbsp of Honey
1⁄2 of Orange zest
12 Donsuemor Madeleines


1) Warm butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. It will melt, then foam and bubble.
Stir frequently until the butter turns golden brown, then remove from heat, this should
take around 5 minutes.
2) Briefly remove the saucepan from the heat to safely add the bourbon, honey and
orange zest to the mixture. Return to the heat for another minute, careful to prevent
butter from burning (remove from heat if it appears darker).
3) Let the mixture sit at room temperature for a few minutes.
4) Mix to re-combine the butter solids with the honey if they have separated while cooling,
pour over 12 Donsuemor Madeleines and serve right away.

Holiday Cannoli Stuffed Madeleines
Serves 6
1 tub of Ricotta (475g) grams
1⁄2 cup of icing sugar (or to taste)
1 Tbsp Maraschino Cherries, Minced
1 Tbsp Chocolate Mini Chips
Pinch of cinnamon
12 Donsuemor Madeleines
Optional: 1⁄2 cup Dark chocolate dipped tips & Pistachio Crumb


  1. Place the ricotta in a fine mesh sieve lined with cheesecloth over a bowl. Refrigerate
    and let drain for 2 hours. Squeeze out excess liquid by tightening cheesecloth into a ball
    over sink.
  2. Place the strained ricotta in a bowl, add powdered sugar, cinnamon and whisk until
    smooth. Add the cherries and mini chocolate chips, mix until evenly distributed.
    Refrigerate the filling until ready to serve.
  3. When ready to serve, using a piping bag, top a Donsuemor Madeleine cake with cannoli
    filling, sandwich another madeline cake on top. Repeat with remaining cakes.
  4. Option: Using a double broiler system, melt the dark chocolate chips and dip
    sandwiches Donsuemor Madeleine cakes. Leave some dipped, and others dipped into
    the pistachio crumb. Set at room temperature to harden and then serve right away.
    Ricotta is known for its grainy texture and therefore it is normal.

Cakes are best filed right before eating, otherwise, may soften and crumble.